7 Easy Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home


Wasting water is both bad for the planet and bad on your budget, but by slightly adjusting daily routines from brushing your teeth to watering your garden, you can save hundreds of gallons per year. To recognize some of the available ways to conserve water around your home, please enjoy the following list of seven easy tips from the Water Damage Team.

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1. Cleaning

When cleaning your house you should always think before you start. By filling the dishwasher all the way before you run it, you’ll save a lot of water. By washing vegetables in a bowl and scrubbing with a vegetable brush you won’t have to run the water as much.

2. Hygiene

A lot of people aren’t so willing to change their personal hygiene routine as easily as their dishwashing routine, but by adjusting a few things you can save a lot of water! Try wetting your toothbrush before you brush and not leave the water running unnecessarily, or only filling the bath half way.

3. Gardening

Adding compost to your garden soil will make it more water absorbent, and will save lots of water. Try using left over water from making tea or boiling an egg to water your garden. You can even reuse dishwasher water on non-edible plants as long as you check with your local municipality department first.

4. Outside the Home

Check anywhere around your home where water might be leaking. Are your hose connections dripping water? If so, they are cheap and easy to replace. You should also check to see if you have any sprinklers wasting water by spraying on the driveway or sidewalk.

5. Recreational Savings

You can save water outside by replace your pool filter with one that uses less water and eliminate toys that needlessly spray water. You should also avoid water activities that excessively waste water.

6. Laundry

Only do full loads of laundry, or if your washer allows, lower the water height with smaller loads. In the summer, consider hand-washing some t-shirts or sheets and hang-dry to very conservative with your energy.

7. Food and Drinks

Don’t thaw meat or other frozen products with running water, instead put them in the fridge to defrost. Chill water in the fridge rather than running the faucet or using ice cubes. Try switching to plastic ice cubes instead of ice trays; they’re both water conscious and attractive. If you have a lot of dishes to wash you could put them all a sink of soapy water and let it sit for a while before washing. Then, you save water by avoiding unnecessary scrubbing.